Prior to your booking


Before you contact us, our terms are available on our website, giving you the chance to get a better understanding of our terms before you start booking.

When contacting us, we verbally explain the rates, we also include a description on our Price Guide page, which you can visit by clicking here.

We note that many people may not visit our terms prior to the booking, for this reason, we have a brief statement of our terms on our STRIPE checkout page, By paying the call-out fee you are in full agreement with our terms. From the moment you paid the deposit covering the call-out fee will be non-refundable, and the minimum of 1 hour of labour applies from the arrival of the contractor being assigned to you.

Our aim is always to try and get a contractor over to you within the hour, from the moment you confirm your receipt, to the moment the engineer arrives, however, our agreement is within 3 hours unless stated otherwise and agreed to in principle.