When should I call an Emergency Plumber?

on March 28, 2022


Emergency plumber

What should I consider an emergency? 



Emergencies are dangerous and will, unfortunately, lead to a lot of damage on your property, think about your ceiling caving in or a leak from your bathroom destroying all of your furniture and electronics downstairs in the living room. For this reason, anything from a stain, a leak or a ceiling collapsing should be considered an emergency.

How much time do I have? 


We have many stories from our customers on how their ceilings caved in, and it all started from stains.

The moment you notice a stain on your ceiling, the clock starts ticking. For some people it may take months, others only days, please take this seriously as it could save you a lot of money.

Speed is the art of war, and Emergency Plumbing— RSV 


Three signs you need an Emergency Plumber


Stain on your ceiling call an emergency plumber


Stain on your wall or ceiling 


When a pipe bursts in your house, you will hardly ever know. The first thing you must look out for is any changes in colour on your wall or ceiling. Look out for a dark or yellow colour, which is a clear sign that water is accumulating in that place and changing the colour of the paint.  


hearing running water in your ceiling call an emergency plumber


Hearing the sound of running water


If you can hear the sound of trickling water in your house at night and you don't know where it's coming from, it's probably from a burst pipe. That is a cause for concern because the water may damage your electrical fittings and cause sparks. Please call us as soon as possible if you're in Leicestershire.


leaking ceiling call an emergency plumber

Water leaking from your ceiling/wall


If water is leaking from your ceiling or wall, it represents a large body of water has accumulated in that area and is now severely damaging the property.

If it is coming from your ceiling, it indicates the plasterboard has absorbed all the water it was capable of and can no longer absorb any more water. The leak may only be just a small drip at a time but rest assured that at least 15L of water or much more is waiting to come crashing down with the ceiling. 

This emergency is serious. Please don't ignore this. Call Us as soon as possible, and we will assess the situation.


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