Satisfied Customer

on March 28, 2022

Satisfied Customer

We pride ourselves on being able to surpass our customers' expectations.

Nick is one of our many examples.


Satisfied customer, called us for emergency plumbing


"At 22:30 in the evening We heard some water escaping, the fact that I'm disabled was a little bit panicky. I went through the usual channels of finding an emergency plumber and RSV came on top with its recommendations on the internet, So we put a call in and we were told by the gentleman on the other end of the phone that he will be here within 30 MINUTES. 

And true to his word he was here within 30 minutes and he quickly identified where the problem was. it was a leaking mains pipe and he fixed it within 25-30 minutes."

" I recommend RSV with any works going forward, I've got their number stored, and it's going to be my number 1 dial if there are any more home emergencies that I have, hopefully no more water leaks."