How serious can a Leak really be?

on March 28, 2022


what could possibly go wrong?

Emergency plumber needed for leak


Many people underestimate the severity of the leak and place a small bucket underneath the source and hope it goes away. Well, it never does. The most severe cases we've dealt with are ceiling collapses on multiple floors of the house, Which cost the homeowner thousands to repair.

One day one of our customers had a leak in their attic. The leak continued until the water accumulated on the ceiling of one of the rooms. That room belongs to a child and it collapsed right on the bed. Luckily the child wasn't there sleeping when it caved in. These things do happen to people, so be careful and maintain awareness. If you want to find out the signs before a ceiling collapses, click here.

Another customer had a similar problem, but the leak was under her floorboards upstairs. One day while she was going up the stairs, she stepped over where the leak had accumulated then her foot went straight through. Luckily she didn't fall to the first floor. We sent an RSV engineer out to her as soon as possible and helped her claim her insurance. We're just happy there were no serious injuries.

Burst Pipe

what actually causes a Leak?


When a pipe bursts, water will accumulate and sit on the plasterboard and soak up as much water as it can until the water starts dripping from the ceiling or seeping out from the wall.

One customer hired a plumber to remove a radiator. The plumber forgot to cap off the joint and put the plasterboard over where the radiator had been anyway. Our emergency plumber had to rip the plasterboard off to locate the leak and stop it from creating further damage. 

The homeowner had to pay thousands of pounds in damages for all three floors. Sometimes shoddy plumbers are the biggest reason for leaks!

Please make sure the plumber you bring to your home is certified and if they are going to use a plastic push-fit pipe, tell them to make sure it's secured properly.